Experts in Coatings.

The Berlac Group exemplifies expertise and know-how of the highest order in the realms of surface finishing, surface protection and plastics coloring. Our experience with paints and lacquers stretches back decades and makes us one of the most efficient and reliable partners in the world.

The Berlac Group comprises eight different brands, each of which is among the market leaders in its particular area of specialization. Our wealth of expertise and many years of experience with paints and lacquers cover ultra-small, high-precision applications in the watchmaking sector, through technically demanding uses in the automotive and sports industry, right up to large-scale applications in the construction sector.

Interdisciplinary know-how gained from procurement, R&D and process and application technology, together with the constant exchange of expert knowledge within the Berlac Group and production sites around the world all ensure decisive added value for our customers.

Eight powerful partners.

New ways in surface coatings: cold and cold spray plastics • indoor marking paints and area markings • special markings
Lacquers and effects: special lacquers and effects with special surface properties for decorative applications on plastics, genuine metals, galvanized and PVD-metallized substrates. Specifically developed for the following applications: automotive, spectacle frames, domestic appliances, hearing aids, medical technology, cosmetics packaging, telephony, sanitary fittings, writing implements, watches and jewellery.
The way of color and innovation: printing ink systems for coating rubber sheets • pigment pastes for direct coloring of PU • IMC systems for integrated PU finishing • release agents for processing and surface optimization of PU • special lacquers for treating children’s toys
Covering PU: release agents for processing and surface optimization of PU • lacquer systems for subsequent finishing of PU • IMC systems for integrated PU finishing • color pastes for direct coloring of PU • coating solutions for thermoplastics • auxiliaries for safety during PU processing • rubber coatings
Excellence in coatings: decorative and functional paints for the automotive industry, the design-oriented lifestyle sector, mechanical engineering applications, the toy industry and fastening systems.
Release agents, non-stick formulas and lubricants, inks and coloring agents, lacquers and special-effect agents, PVD (metallization), Spray pigments (for polyurethanes and fiberglass), spray painting equipment, indoor and outdoor sign-posting paint, cleaning agents and process supplementary agents, metal and plastic decoration amongst other chemical specialties.

Advanced colors: color pastes for direct coloring of PU • IMC lacquers for integrated PU finishing • color pastes for direct coloring of plastics and coatings • color preparations for coloring lacquers

Performance in paint: Functional and decorative industrial coatings for manufacturers of automobiles and automotive parts, railway vehicles, mechanical engineering applications and the metalworking industry • heat-resistant paints and special coatings for the construction sector