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Release Agents

BOMEX pursues constant perfection in its research and development and provides high-solid (HS) and solvent-free (LF) release agent with imported European materials free from harmful substances such as CHC and CFC. Compared with other release agents which usually contain over 95% of solvent, the BOMEX release agents are more environmentally friendly and provide a perfect solution to the PU industrial needs with no harm to the environment.

The BOMEX release agents for PU are characterized by high solid content and low unit consumption, and can be directly applied using fine spray equipment.

The BOMEX release agents are of excellent performance, and only a small quantity is needed to produce a dry, smooth and clean surface of the finished products.

The water-based release agents intriduced by BOMEX in 2010 have enjoyed a wide recognition for their good performance and environmental friendliness.

In addition, BOMEX can provide customized release agents based on client requirements for different applications.

The BOMEX release agents are currently applied in a wide range of sectors, including auto spare parts (e.g. steering wheels, filters, and seats), furniture, sports and fitness equipment, medical equipment, shoemaking, tyres, and toys.