Product Series | Printing Ink for Rubber Sheet

Printing Ink for Rubber Sheet

BOMEX produces a full line of high quality intaglio printing inks to meet different customer needs, representing a first-choice brand for surface coloring, coating and finishing of rubber sheets, leather boards and other materials.

The BOMEX intaglio printing ink for rubber sheet features excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, extendability, and especially solvent resistance ensuring a clean and glossy surface of the finished product. It is extensively used in different printing production lines.

BOMEX ensures a stable quality of its products with strong technology resources and advanced production, testing and management systems, and its printing ink for rubber sheet has been a market leader for many years. Special printing effects are available upon client requests, including faux leather, nubuck, soft touch, soft leather, brush-off color, metal, pearl, chameleon and folding-chameleon.

Product Series

The BOMEX intaglio printing ink for rubber sheet comes with different types, including one-component ink, two-component ink, solvent-based ink, and water-based ink.

Four series are currently available:

  • Hiflex – two-component solvent ink
  • Meflex – two-component solvent ink
  • Boflex – one-component solvent ink
  • Aqualex – water-based ink